ACANA Regionals Protein Rich

ACANA Regionals Protein Rich


ACANA Regionals Protein rich, authentic meats, whole grains, dry dog food for adults

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The ACANA Regionals Atlantic Dog Food is dense and protein-rich and provides dog food with mackerel, herring, herring, arcadia, silver and yellow tails.

ACANA’s dog food contains many quality animal ingredients, using meat, organs, cartilage, and bones, which are natural nutrients that dogs need.

Our fresh regional produce is sourced by people we know and trust from local farms, farms and waters and delivered fresh or raw to our kitchens.

Without grains, without gluten, potatoes or cassava, which are commonly found in pet foods today, ACANA’s dog food is made from complete and quality animal ingredients for bio-appropriate food that helps treat dogs as needed. Biological

Made in our own kitchen in the state of Kentucky For more information, contact our customer service team at [email protected] or 877.939.0006

ACANA Regionals Protein Rich

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